Catskill Roadside Cleanup

Have you noticed how much litter has accumulated along our local Catskill roadsides over the winter?  As you drive around the area, do you notice all the discarded bottles, cans, cups and paper in the gullies along our roadways?  Trash detracts from the beauty of our community and harms the enviroment.  Now you can help do something about it!

Earth Day is an annual event that is held to demonstrate support for environmental protection.  Join Cultivate Catskill and the Fortnightly Club by participating in our first annual Catskill Roadside Cleanup.  Volunteers will walk along our local roadways to pick up and bag roadside trash.  Do your part for Earth Day and restore the beauty of our local landscapes!

The Details

Pick up trash bags at your local firehouse between 9AM and 11AM on April 21st, rain or shine.  Please bring your own gloves.  Water and a vest will be provided.  You will be asked to sign a volunteer relase form.  Select which street you’d like to work on or we’ll assign a roadway that needs your attention.

Carefully walk along the roadway and put trash in the bags provided.  Leave full bags on the shoulder of the roadway to be picked up.  The Town of Catskill Highway Department and the VIllage of Catskill Department of Public Works will help us by collecting the bags.

Thank you for helping our community and the earth!

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