Cultivate Catskill’s Trunk Sale

The saying goes that “April showers bring May flowers” but we say that May brings back Cultivate Catskill’s “Trunk Sale”. It starts on Saturday, May 5, 2018 (rain or shine) from 9AM to 1PM in the parking lot at the corner of Bridge and Water Streets in the Village of Catskill.

It all started when two Cultivate Catskill founders, Shelly Pulver and Robin Smith, were on a trip to England. They heard about a “boot sale” from some locals. Expecting to find some new footwear, they discovered that the event was actually what Americans might describe as a flea market or garage sale where vendors sold their wares from the back of their cars, vans or pickup trucks…. hence our ‘trunk sale’.

Vendors are invited to pack their treasures in their trunks and join us to sell (and shop) at this unique venue. For a nominal fee ($5.00 per car or $10.00 per van/pickup), this is a great opportunity to clean out any unused or slightly used items that you might have lying around and help them find new homes. Craft makers may find this a great venue to reach potential new buyers.

Next Saturday promises to be a comfortable day in the low 70 degrees, so it’s a a great opportunity to get outdoors and potentially get inspired for a new project. In past years, shoppers have been able to find, furniture, books, records and tapes, tools, collectibles and jewelry among other great finds. Note that there is no charge to shoppers, so stop by and take a look and you might find a new treasure perfect for your home!

To help you plan ahead, other Trunk Sale dates this year will include June 2, June 9, July 7, August 4 and September 8… Same time and location. We hope to see you there!

Cultivate Catskill is all about planting Pride I. Our community. It is an entirely volunteer effort for all of us, by all of us. But it does need your participation and/or donation to make it Flower!

Check us out on Facebook and at or email us at For further information, please call Shelly at 518-653-1381.

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