Change is inevitable. Experts say there are three different types of change: developmental, transitional and transformational. Seasons change. The month changes. The temperature changes. The weather changes. This time of year, leaves fall from trees as an indicator of our local transition into fall. You might have noticed some of our dedicated Cultivate Catskill volunteers cleaning up the pocket parks over the last few weeks as the plants transition from the growing season to one of rest and recharge.

Transitions are a great time to reflect on the past to assess what worked and what still needs more attention. The flowers along Main Street looked especially beautiful this summer. The combination of the hanging baskets coupled with the flowers in the black pots in front of the storefronts reflect the renewed vibrancy of our local area. The Alphabet garden added an extra touch of whimsy to Leggio Park, while Howard Street, Mott Street and Policeman’s Park all looked stellar. With an increasing number of open storefronts and visitors to our region, it is very rewarding to see people enjoy Cat’N around Catskill as they explore our local treasures. Recently, a politician remarked about the transformation that is currently underway in Catskill. All of our collective efforts are making a difference!

The pink, white and purple petunias that were planted in new planters on Uncle Sam’s Bridge were a great addition to our beautification efforts. Although we had ten planters this year, it’s a very long bridge that could benefit from even more planters in the future. The combination of the re-opened Black Bridge and Uncle Sam’s bridge is helping to highlight the beauty of our waterfronts which many locals tend to take for granted. The lantana ‘trees’ in the pots on Main Street and the plantings at Blue Star Memorial Park that anchor the both ends of West Bridge Street, helped to celebrate the gradual rejuvenation of the area.

The Department of Public Works did a great job watering the hanging baskets and pots along Main Street while Cultivate Catskill volunteers did our best to keep the pocket parks watered throughout the year. It would help greatly if business owners with planters outside their establishments would help to keep the plants watered in between DPW’s weekly watering. The plants would be most appreciative and reward you with continued blooms. In addition, if weeds start to crop up along the sidewalks, around the trees or against the buildings, a few minutes of weeding would help to keep the Village looking well maintained.

As we thank everyone who contributed to Cultivate Catskill’s efforts this year, we also continue to work on new developments. I suspect you’ve already noticed the decorations to mark the harvest season. These will be replaced with winter greenery in time for the Festival of Lights that is scheduled for November 23rd. Shortly after that, we are working to prepare for our annual Holiday Cookie Sale to be held on December 1 at the Community Center from 9AM to 1PM. We are also planning a Holiday Bazaar as part of this event where you can purchase a homemade holiday wreath to grace your doorway or home. Proceeds will be split between Cultivate Catskill and the Community Center. Cultivate will use any proceeds to fund new plantings for 2019, maintenance of existing gardens as well as plans to plant even more pride in our community.

We hope you will continue to support us as we strive to support positive change in Catskill. As Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.” Please consider joining us as a Cultivate Catskill Volunteer or making a contribution to support our efforts. Thank you!

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